Month: October 2023

Unraveling the Complexities of Product-By-Process Patent Claims: Insights from the Vifor vs. Dr. Reddy’s Case

Introduction A recent judgment by the Delhi High Court in Vifor International Ltd & Anr. vs Defendants has shed light on the intricate realm of product-by-process patent claims and their implications for patentability and infringement. Presently, as per practice guidelines followed by Indian Patent Office (‘IPO’) in prosecuting patent applications pertaining to ‘product-by-process’ claim, the […]
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Impact of the Draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2023 on the Pharmaceutical Sector and Public Health Safeguards

On August 25, 2023, the Indian Patent Office published the Draft Patents (Amendments) Rules, 2023, asking for feedback from various stakeholders. The Draft Rules propose several changes raising concerns about their potential impact on the Pharmaceutical Sector and public health standards. In this blog, we will closely examine these proposed amendments, focusing on key areas […]
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Interim Injunction Denied in Patent Infringement Case: Plaintiffs Fail to Establish Prima Facie Case for Evergreening Patent

Introduction Genus-Species patent applications offer a valuable approach to patent protection, especially in the pharmaceutical domain. By combining a broad genus patent with specific species patents, inventors can secure comprehensive coverage while allowing for future innovations within the invention’s scope. However, to ensure patentability, these applications must adhere to the requirements outlined by the Indian […]
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