• Initiated with the practice of Col. K. L. Vadehra in the year 1989.
  • Prior to starting the firm, Col. K. L. Vadehra was working with Indian Army as an Engineer. He took premature retirement from the Army and cleared the Patent Bar Examination in India.
  • First name of firm was Vadehra & Associates and at that time the firm had only domestic clients.
  • Thereafter, Mr. Sharad Vadehra who was working with a big firm Remfry & Sagar, New Delhi joined Col. K. L. Vadehra. Later on Ms. Kanchan Vadehra and Ms. Meera Vadehra joined the firm as partners.
  • The name KAN AND KRISHME is an invented name and a registered Service mark in India.
  • This name is derived from the name of the four partners Ms. Kanchan Vadehra, Col. Krishan Lal Vadehra, Mr. Sharad Vadehra and Ms. Meera Vadehra.
  • The fourth partner Ms. Meera Vadehra passed away in 1996.

Ms. Kanchan Vadehra, Col. K. L. Vadehra, Mr. Sharad Vadehra

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