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Media and Entertainment Law, Sweepstakes and Promotions and Advertisement Clearance

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Our experienced lawyers advise on all the aspects of the advertising and media law. The Firm renders services for the advertising agencies, social network operators, online retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, computer games companies and intermediary firms conducting drawings, sweepstakes and contest.

Kan and Krishme is following all the updates on law and advices to the local and multinational companies on the legal clearance of the labels and packages; TV, internet and published advertisements.
The wide experience of the Firm leads the clients to create complex promotion mechanisms conforming to the national rules on advertising, media and promotion mechanisms.
We are experienced in preparing endorsement, sponsorship, sports marketing and entertainment marketing agreements; licensing and protecting intellectual property rights; structuring branded entertainment initiatives and customer loyalty programs; reviewing and clearing advertising copy for use in online and offline media and preparing advertising agency and media agreements
Sports Marketing/Sponsorships/Endorsements : Kan and Krishme’s Sports Industry Team offers the multi-disciplinary expertise necessary to provide legal counsel to major brands, teams, event organizers, media companies and others involved in sports-related transactions or disputes.
Entertainment Marketing : Our attorneys handle branded-entertainment marketing initiatives for major brands and prominent advertising agencies on behalf of their brand clients.We also handle joint promotion agreements; online, digital and mobile marketing initiatives and other activation campaigns for various brands and prominent cable television networks.
Contests & Sweepstakes: Kan and Krishme and our Advertising Practice help clients structure and execute interactive gaming programs and online subscription gaming sites. We represent publishers and networks in evaluating whether accepting ads for online gaming sites would expose such clients to potential liability, and we are regularly involved in some of the highest-profile contest and sweepstakes promotions in the country.
Clearance and Compliance Review : To minimize the risk that the creative message will be challenged by private plaintiffs or government regulators, Kan And Krishme’s Advertising Practice reviews client advertising copy to make sure that the express and implied claims being made in the ads can be substantiated  that the client has the right or privilege to use any intellectual property images, including sound images, that are included in the campaign materials.
The Managing partner of the firm Mr. Sharad Vadehra is a member of GALA is also the Vice President elect of the Global Allliance of Advertising Lawyers Association (GALA).

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