August’s Newsletter

In this Issue:
1. Delhi High Court on Misleading Advertisements (Bright Lifecare Pct Ltd v. Vini Cosmetics Pvt Ltd)
2. Delhi High Court: Rejection of a Pre-Grant Opposition Without Consideration of all Grounds Violative of the Principles of Natural Justice
3. Division on Divisional Application (Dis)Continues (?) – Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh v. The Controller of Patents & Anr
4. “Gems V. James Bond”: Test of Deceptive Similarity Under Trademark Law
5. Amendment in Sequence Submission Tools in India as per WIPO Standard St.26

Authors – Sharad Vadehra (Managing Partner), Kshitij Saxena (Senior Partner), Shikha Baiswar (Partner), Rachana Bishnoi (Partner), Arpita Arora (Partner), Aakriti Sharma (Managing Associate), Dr. Neha Gupta (Managing Associate), and Pragati (Senior Associate)
Editor – Aakriti Vadehra (Managing Associate)

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