Patent and Trademark Law and Practice in Sri Lanka

We inform you that it is possible to claim priority from a Convention Application in Sri Lanka. Service Class marks are registrable in Sri Lanka. However, multiple Class Applications cannot be filed.

Sri Lanka is a member both Paris convention and PCT. The deadline in entering the national phase in Sri Lanka under Chapter II is 30 months from the priority date. English is the official language of all documents to be filed in Sri Lanka. For filing a new Patent Application in Sri Lanka, we require the following documents:–

  • Full name and address of Applicant/Inventor(s);
  • Title of invention.
  • Three sets of the specification complete with description, claims, abstract in English and Drawings (if any).
  • Application number(s), Date of filing and name of country where the basic application was filed and from which priority is being claimed.
  • One copy of priority documents accompanied by a Certified English Translation if the documents were not filed in English.
  • Statement justifying the Applicant’s right to the Patent giving Names and Address of the Inventors signed by the Applicant as per specimen enclosed (Statement of Justification).
  • A signed Power of Attorney, which need not be legalized or notarized.

Remarks : If a copy of the Specification cannot be furnished, the details of the Applicant/Inventors Number, Date and Countries of priority claims, a print of the front page of the PCT Application and Title of invention would be sufficient.

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