Patent and Trademark Law and Practice in Pakistan

We inform you that it is possible to claim priority from a Convention Application in Pakistan within six months from the date of the first Application filed in a member country.

Documents and information required for filing a new Trademark Application in Pakistan are as follows: –

  • Name, address and Nationality of the Proprietor/Applicants
  • The Trademark and/or the design to be registered along with 20 representations (if other than a word mark),
  • The Class in which the mark is to be Registered, the Goods under such class and the period of use or date of first use in Pakistan or a statement that the mark is proposed to be used.

Patent Law and Practice in Pakistan

  • Filing the “Application”, accompanied by either a Provisional or a Complete Specification.
  • Filing the Complete Specification, if the Specification filed with the Application, was a Provisional Specification.
  • Examination and Acceptance of application by the Patent Office.
  • Overcoming Opposition, if any, to the grant of patent.
  • Sealing the patent.

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