Patent and Trademark Law and Practice in Myanmar

Myanmar does not have any Patent or Trademark Law and protection for Trademarks is by way of Common Law. A Declaration of Ownership of the Trademark or for a Patent has to be registered with the Registrar of deeds in Myanmar and necessary fee for Registration and stamp duty paid, subsequently a Trademark Caution Notice has to be filed in a leading Newspaper in Myanmar. We can draft a Caution Notice for each Mark covering all the Classes for the goods you want protection for publication in Myanmar on your behalf. A SAMPLE OF THE Caution notice drafted by us and published in a leading Newspaper in Myanmar for one of our clients is attached depicted here in below.

The Myanmar Times

Cautionary Notice

NOTICE is hereby given that YORK International Corporation, a corporation organozed and existing under the laws of State of Delaware, United States of America of the address: 631 South Richland, Avenue, York, Pennsylvania 17403,United States of America is the original and sole proprietor of the below mentioned Trade mark in Myanmar.


The said mark is used in respect of “Air conditioning and refrigerating equipment for domestic and industrial use, ice making machinery, humidifying and dehumidifying equipment”. The said Trademark is the subject of a Declaration of Ownership recorded with the Registrar of Deeds and Assignment, Myanmar in Book under No. 1057 dated the 18th December 1968. Any infringement or imitation including of the above identified Trademark shall amount to infringement of the rights of the said company will be dealt with according to Law. YORK International by its Attorneys KAN AND KRISHME. New Delhi, India Dated this 9th day of August 2002

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