Patent and Trademark Law and Practice in Maldives

Maldives does not have any Patent or Trademark Law and protection for Trademarks is by way of Common Law under which a Trademark Caution Notice has to be filed in a leading Newspaper in Maldives. We can draft a Caution Notice for each Mark covering all the Classes for the goods you want protection for publication in Maldives on your behalf. A SAMPLE OF THE Caution notice drafted by us and published in a leading Newspaper in Maldives for one of our clients is attached depicted hereinbelow.

Trademark Caution Notice

Our client PTINDOFOOD SUKSES MAKMUE Tbk of the address: Ariobimo Sentral Bulkling 12th Floor., JI.H.R. Rasuna Said X-2 Kav. 5 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia hereby brings to the notice of the general public that the above mentioned device mark INDOMIE in class 30 is being used for “Noodles, pasta, macaroni, vermicelli, flour, ketchup, tomato sauces, chili sauces, spices, seasonings, sneck foods, barley meal, cereal, biscuits, candy, confectionery, commeal, curry, ice cream, jelly, tea, beverages” word marks “PROMINA” and “SUN” in class 5 are being used for “Food babies: food preparations (dietetic) adapted for medical purposes; food products for infants and adults; milk sugar (lactose), milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; lecithin for medical purposes”

The words and device mark is protected and registered / due for registration in all the countires worldwide and isbeing used internationally by our clients, continuously and openly in all the World By virtue of such long and continuous international use, the mark has acquired substantial goodwill and reputation as well as transborder reputation in Maldives.

Appropriate legal action will be taken in the Court of Law against all those responsible for and indulging in all acts leading to the unauthorized use of our clients words and device marks as mentioned above safeguard our clients legal rights.

Members of the public having any knowledge / information of the above-mentioned words and device mark being used by any one other than authorized by PT INDOFOOD SUKES MAKMUR Tbk are informed to get in touch at the address mentioned below.


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