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Kan and Krishme (well the name itself is an invented word) is a law firm dealing with all fields of Law with emphasis on Media, Entertainment, sweepstakes, Promotions and Intellectual Property Law.

The Attorneys of the firm bring a superior record of Academic, Professional and civic achievement. The firm prides itself on combining the sophistication and expertise of a large firm with responsiveness and dedication of a medium sized firm. The clientele of the firm includes Companies, Research institutions, Universities as well as individuals.

A Glimpse into Kan and Krishme

Kan & Krishme was founded in 1989, carrying a legacy of over 3 decades and offering advices and expertise in designs, trademarks, patents, copyright concerns and many other legal departments.
Areas of Practice

Protecting Intellectual Property Since 1989


Latest Developments In IP Laws

Assessing the Chances of Acceptance of the TRIPS Waiver Proposal

Assessing the Chances of Acceptance of the TRIPS Waiver Proposal

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Area of Expertise

Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (Patent Attorneys)

Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology (Patent Attorneys)

Chemists and Pharmacologists

Media & Entertainment Law, Sweepstakes and Promotions and Advertisement clearance

Trademark, Design & IP Litigation and Trademark Agents

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