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  Your Good Ideas Need a Sound Advocate and Also a Good Patent Attorney

  • Various growing sectors, competitive situations, new fields of technologies and regional or international conditions, have but only one thing in common: they are sustained by ideas. For their success such ideas depend on the quality of their marketability and marketing of the same.

    History has proved as to how close the tie is between the marketing potential-and thus the future potential of an idea and on the other hand the selection of the right team of Attorneys. A good Attorney is desirable when competition threatens success of your product, or, when everything hinges on swift and efficient measures in order to safeguard your intellectual property by protective rights, or finding support for your interests and strategic aims also in such markets particularly those that are unfamiliar to you.

    Our firm has the practice to think, advise and act not only in purely legal terms, but also with an eye to products and markets: from selecting and designing the appropriate protective right for your idea to the filing of a custom-tailored Application that too always with the aim of obtaining optimum protection for intellectual property at reasonable costs, and asserting your rights in a case of conflict.

    The medium size of our internationally highly-reputed office allows for service options not only in filings and prosecution but also in counseling, such as translations, searches and monitoring of protective rights. A network of foreign colleagues all over the world puts us in a position where we can effectively and promptly represent our clients interest beyond national borders.

    The fulcrum of our work in each case is close co-operation and an intensive, confidential dialog with you. If you would like to know how we can help you in a specific single case by giving optimum protection to your ideas, by materializing maximum gain from them which will be the only way to perceive and evaluate our performances as a Patent and Law firm, ask for our personal and individual advice. You will notice that we will deliver and that too most professionally and promptly.
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