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  Tanvi Mahajan

•  B.Sc. (H) Microbiology from Delhi University
•  M.Sc. Human Genomics from Punjab University
•  Registered Patent Agent
Professional Experience
Tanvi is a Registered Patent Agent and Associate in the firm with several years experience in handling Patent Drafting, Patents Document Filing, Patent searching, drafting and prosecution related to chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, biology, Life Sciences and analytics thereof.
•  Intellectual Property
•  Patents- She is responsible for handling Patent applications relating to, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biology, Life Sciences and analytics
   thereof. She is also responsible for Patent Prosecution, Bacteriology, Chemistry, Phycology and Mycology, Virology, Molecular and Cell biology,
   Microbial physiology and metabolism, Microbial ecology, Plant pathology, Immunology, Industrial Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Genetics and
   Genomics, Food; Dairy Microbiology and Recombinant DNA technology patent Inventions.
  • Participations
She was a part of Delhi Universitys initiative of innovation project titled Biophotovoltaics generating low cost electricity using algae. Participated in the National symposium on infectious diseases: advancements in Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Vaccines and National conference on striving and thriving towards diffusion of Student driven research in Science and Technology for Inspired Learning. Participated in the International Informatics Olympiad 2006. Participated in writing ability and Communicative Skills workshop organised by UNESCO India: Study, Research and Development. Participated in Heliodyssey organised by Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators and also successfully completed module on Astronomy.

She pursued a short term course on Bioinformatics and in silico drug-discovery that elucidated bridging the gap between biology and computers, made familiar to various computer languages and softwares used in Drug design.
  • Achievements
•  She has won laurels in Debate competitions and Creative Arts at both school and college levels. At School level , stood third at the National
   Graphics Championship 2007, cleared the EAP (English for All Purposes test) organised by the Institute of U.N. Studies and cleared the
   Cambridge young learners test. Will be receiving a medal for standing third in the Masters programme .
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