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  Nitin Gupta
•  B. Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Technology) Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Delhi
•  Registered Patent Agent IN/PA: 2865
Professional Experience
Nitin has worked in the Intellectual property industry as a Patent Associate. He has demonstrated his skills by handling patent prosecution. Nitin has also worked in the research industry as a Research and Development Engineer. During that period, he primarily worked in the technology of circuit breakers, home automation and other electrical accessories.

Nitin deals primarily with prosecution of patent applications, particularly in the field of Electrical and Electronics inventions. He focuses on drafting responses to examination reports issued by the Patent Office based upon discussions with and inputs received from clients. He also ensures that all paperwork is in order to satisfy post-filing requirements.
  • Specialisation
Member of Engineering Division of the Firm with domain specialization in Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Automation Tech., Automotive Electronics, Opto Electronics, Data Processing Tech., Electro-mechanical, Instrumentation, Network and Software related inventions, Display technology, Mechanical, Material science, Automobiles, Nanotechnology, Textiles and Plastics, Fibre Technology, Nonwoven Technology, and allied fields.
  • Technical Project/Experience
  • Bluetooth Fan: Played pivotal role in validation team for BLE fan & drafted, introspected reports patent for this product.
  • Boost Converter with MPPT: DC-DC boost converter with self-designed inductor and PCB for solar and wind application.
  • Smart Socket Adapter: Convince product to marketing approval, architect for this IoT product, sole responsible for project execution and management.
  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with control guide vanes: Magnetic levitated VAWT, DC motor controlled Guide vanes for air flow control.
  • Artificial neural-fuzzy inference System (ANFIS) of the VAWT with control guide vanes.
  • Publications & Patents
  • Internships
Summer Intern at Havells India Ltd June 2015 to Aug 2015
- Learnt about various plantsí production planning activities.
- Proposed waste reduction method for CFL production.
  • Past Assignments
Patent Associate Remfry & Sagar - March 2017 to Nov. 2017
Product Engineer (R&D) Havells India Ltd - July 2016 to March 2017
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